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So did you just get one of the most advanced calculators out there? Do you get this feeling when browsing through the menus and files “Man, this is like a freaking computer!”. You may not be able to browse internet with it(Yet..), but it sure has potential for many incredible apps, and one of them is video games! You heard it. Good bye plane geometry, It’s time for some Mario and Pokemon!


Installing and using games for TI Nspire calculators is fairly simple.


1. First of all you need a Texas Instruments Nspire Series calculator. The Most prefered one is the most recent Texas Instruments Nspire Cx Cas, since it has a color display and is really neat when it comes to solving equations.


2. The Second thing you need to do is make sure you have the TI-Nspire computer/student Software installed on your computer. You can use the software to transfer files between your computer and your calculator. You can get the software from the disc that comes with your calculator or you may download your calculator’s student software from Texas Instruments’ website, Download here! You can use the trial version or activate the full one with the serial that comes with your calculator (usually in the cd-case).


3. And finally before you can get to installing games you need to make sure you have installed the latest version of your calculator’s operating system. You can get it from the Ti Nspire Student Software, usually the software looks up for the most recent version of the operating system when you have your calculator plugged in. Alternatively you can download the most recent operating system of your nspire calculator from the Texas Instruments Website.

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Ti Nspire Cx Cas Games

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