Gameboy Emulator Ti Nspire


a Nintendo Gameboy emulator is easy and simple to install for TI Nspire calculators. Make sure to read the getting started section first.

1. First you need to have Ndless running on your TI Nspire calculator.You can download it from here!

Installing instructions here!

2. The second thing you need to do
is download the emulator from here.
After you have downloaded the emulator. You need to make a folder in your calculator. It can be in any place and named anything. Put the emulator in the folder by using TI computer software.

3. And last
you need some games a.k.a roms! You can get roms from various websites all over the internet. For example you could get this Pokemon Crystal game installed on your TI Nspire Calculator. Installation is simple, just put the rom into the same folder you have your emulator.
Enjoy playing. The emulator linked in this guide is a Gameboy Color emulator so any Gameboy or Gameboy Color game will work on your TI Nspire now.
Notes: Installing any games on TI Nspire won’t affect your calculator’s functions. The calculator will work as it did before. All your files will remain intact as well



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